Using Caption Pro From non-Windows Devices

If you use a Mac you can download Caption Pro for Mac here. Unfortunately Caption Pro does not work with the popular Wine Windows emulator for Macs. Other options are:

  • Remote Server
    Use the Aleka Windows Server as a remote Windows server. You will need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop and Dropbox (available from the Apple  App Store for Macs), and have a dedicated account created on the Aleka server. Files you wish to caption must be loaded into DropBox and will be synced back to Dropbox after captioning. This option is suitable for non-Windows  tablets and mobile phones. More detailed instructions are available here.
  • Dual Boot (Mac only)
    Create a dual boot environment on your Mac with Boot Camp to allow Windows to be run on it and install Caption Pro. Windows licenses for this purpose are available at very low cost. In order to share files between the Windows and Mac, the files to be captioned should be copied to a FAT32 format  external USB drive (or thumb) drive, which is visible and writable from both operating systems.  This option is only suitable for users with considerable computer expertise.
  • Virtual Machine
    Install a virtual machine (such as VMWare Fusion)  and run Caption Pro under Windows in that. Some virtual machines allow you to access Mac folders from the virtual environment.
  • File Sharing
    File sharing apps such as Zapya can share files between Macs and PCs using a direct wireless link in a similar manner to tethering. You can also transfer files using a FAT32 format external USB drive (or thumb) drive. If you have Windows machine as well as a Mac, you can transfer files to Windows for captioning and then copy them back to the Mac. Caption Pro will work on 32 or 64 bit Windows systems using Windows 7 or newer. Computers with this vintage of operating system can be obtained for a minimal cost.