Storage Auditing and Archiving

Clean up your data holdings

Computer storage is like cupboard space – the more you have, the more you store. While capacity is  cheap to buy, it’s not cheap to manage or to find the files you need. When it redlines, you’re in trouble. Your business stops, as email stops working and file sharing stops. Users spend valuable time trying to reduce their storage use, often by insignificant amounts.  There are  free tools to profile your storage and tell you what’s using the space and paid tools that will give you age profiles and other helpful management information.

Aleka’s profiling service goes further by additionally 

  • ·Identifying and making searchable  scanned text documents in PDF format
  • Identifying clusters of exact and near-duplicate files
  • Defining and actioning a minimally disruptive archive policy

Aleka has experience with audits of 100 thousand  to 100 million files and highly affordable pricing.

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