Find Similar Files with FindAlike

Google Quality Search and More for Your Desktop

FindAlike can do for your desktop and file shares what Google does for the Web and more – pinpoint the files, intranet items and emails you want by harnessing the power of Windows Search from your desktop or from inside Microsoft Office, and find similar files. It can search for user emails and documents on local and shared drives which:

  • Are similar to an existing email or document – for example, the parent Word document of a PDF
  • Contain a word or phrase, or synonyms of them, in text content or title
  • Have a particular tag
  • Have any combination of date, file type or email attribute
  • Represent the latest version of a document or email

Automatically tagged emails


  • Finds emails with similar content from within Outlook
  • Finds all the emails with document variants attached (including PDFs) from a desktop application or from within Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Manually and automatically tags single and multiple documents and emails on the basis of their text content

In the Corporate environment

FindAlike is ideally suited to the corporate environment through its abilities to

  • Find the parent Word document of PDF files using its ability to find similar but nor identical files
  • Allow all users to use a controlled set of tags for documents and emails
  • Use a centralized set of synonyms, acronym expansions or spelling variants for search
  • Monitor all queries and results to define synonyms and spelling variants
  • Improve EDRMS filing accuracy by showing EDRMS containers and titles of similar documents

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