FileSystem Reorganisation

Transform Folder Trees

Document tree reorganisation is the process of changing the hierarchical tree structure in a file share or document management system to creating a new tree  with a simpler structure in order to:

  • Migrate data between document repositories
  • Address organisational changes
  • Improve discoverability of documents through use of  a globally consistent tree

The source tree structure  may have local consistency in organisations but lack global consistency as it reflects the divergent requirement of multiple users who only use parts of the tree. The reorganisation usually  compacts a tree structure with a large number of levels to a much smaller number of a levels. File and folder names may be changed to better reflect document content.

Aleka can implement a reorganisation by

  • Mapping existing structures
  • Identifying duplicated files and files not satisfying the reorganisation policy
  • Defining transformations of folder and file names, permissions and other metadata
  • Moving data into new structure

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