Facet Folders

An Organised View of Disorganised Data

 Shared filesystems provide a cheap, reliable way of storing and sharing documents within organisations, but the hierarchical folder trees used to group and organise the documents become difficult to navigate as they grow larger. Tree structures for an organisation of hundreds for people can contain over  a million authored text documents in folder trees 20 or 30 levels deep, making browsing over large parts of the tree very time consuming. 

Facet folders: 

  • Use Windows shortcuts to provide links to documents sharing a particular information facet
  •  Group shortcuts to documents in folders representing information facets

 Facet links are not broken if the filesystem structure changes, as Windows shortcuts locate their targets if not present, maintaining an organised view of data in the folder tree. This robust, organised view can provide some of the benefits of a document management system without associated cost and disruption of a new platform.

Facet folders can be built and maintained by Aleka by

  •  Manual assignment
  •  Automatic statistical classification based on text content
  •  Grouping of similar documents

Contact Aleka now to see how Facet Folders can make your file shares more usable.