Caption Pro

Caption Pro can add captions to images and videos below the original content, thus keeping all your pixels unchanged. Images with captions in the pixels can be viewed in any application on any platform or in hard copy. Caption Pro also lets you present a selection of captioned images and videos as a slideshow where you have control over the display of each slide, rather than creating a video of all of the content.

Text captions can also be edited after application, so if any detail of the caption needs amending, the entire caption does not need to be re-applied. The size of captions is automatically adjusted to fit them into the specified space – no more wondering what font size to use.

Two-part captions give flexibility and captions can be obtained automatically from a number of sources, such as Photo Gallery, Picasa and Windows Photos. More details here. Captions can either be text or part of another image – ideal for artwork photographs where the artwork and its description may be a separate image as shown above.

 Caption Pro can also adjust the aspect ratio of images so that they can be seen in their entirety even when the platform or hard copy constrains the aspect ratio of the image.

Captioning can be in any language supported by Windows, including Asian languages.

Captioning Images
A picture may be worth a thousand words but a few words about a picture can add greatly to its impact. Social media recognise this and all provide captioning and comment facilities  for uploaded images. Face recognition addresses the problem of identifying people in a photo. But problems arise if you want to move images out of their social media setting. You can download the picture, but you can seldom  download any associated text.

Phone and tablet vendors recognise the importance of adding text to photos, and all provide some native capability in their products. However, they all write on top of the photos, which may be fine for some images, but not for all of them. In the pre-digital area, annotations were commonly underneath a photo in an album, or on the back of individual prints.

If you use a personal computer you may have included information about pictures in file or folder names, or even in metadata. Many institutions advise this as a way of preserving information about a digital picture, but if you move the pictures to a tablet or phone, this information is not easily accessible – all you see are the pixels.

Captioning Images and Videos
Mobile phones have always had a seamless way of presenting images and videos so that you can step through them by swiping. Now you can do the same thing on a Windows desktop or tablet with Caption Pro, and add fully controllable captions to each item without writing on top of anything. Caption Pro is a great way to share a selection of your travel or family photos and videos with your friends.

Creating a Captioned Slideshow of Image and Video Material

Like to try it out for free? Download here .

Do you need to caption multiple files from a  tablet, mobile or Windows machine you can’t install on?
Contact Aleka to arrange access to our captioning server and see here for details of how to access Caption Pro from a Mac, tablet or phone.


I am a keen photographer, both on holidays and around town. I have found Caption Pro a great tool for keeping precious notes with each photo.  For my holiday photos they make a ready holiday diary. At the same time, being able to select individual captioned photos allows me to easily create a personalised collection to copy or email to family and friends.

I have also used Caption Pro to add captions to family history photos, and value the feature that the caption does not overwrite the photo and that it can be easily edited.

Jane, Australia.

Great program
Felix, Australia

…an absolute gem that I have been looking for for years..
Lee, USA

This is a program that is specifically designed to add text into a caption area below the photo. It’s very simple to use and does the job quite nicely. It’s commercial software but has a free trial period so that you can test it out. There is also a web version allowing you to caption photos that you upload.

All About Digital Photos – Visible Captioning, Canada



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