Caption Pro Non-Admin Installs

If you are installing Caption Pro from an account which does not have Admin privileges (shown as Local Account), you will need an Admin account password (or PID) to run the installer. When you run it, select the For Everyone option rather than Just Me. When you click on the Caption Pro desktop icon, Windows may show a message “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable” and allow you to browse to a folder containing the install file Caption Pro.msi. This is not possible as Caption Pro.msi is is packaged inside the self-extracting executable file. The .msi file can be extracted from the self-extracting installer .exe file using the 7-Zip utility or downloaded from here and selected when the screen offering an option to browse to the installer is shown before configuration.

If you select the Just Me option, no desktop icon or start menu item will be created. To create a desktop icon, open the folder C:\Program Files\Aleka Consulting\Caption Pro and right click on SetTags.exe. Select Send To-> Desktop (create shortcut). This will place an icon labelled “SetTags.exe – shortcut” on the desktop. Right-click on this and change the icon to C:\Program Files\Aleka Consulting\Caption Pro\CaptionPro.ico and the name to Caption Pro.

To extract the .msi file with 7-Zip, right-click on the .exe and select 7-Zip->Extract files… This will create a sub-folder in the folder containing the .exe. This sub-folder will contain files Caption Pro.msi and setup.exe.