Caption Pro for Mac

Caption Pro for Mac Screen

The Mac version of Caption Pro implements the following features of Caption Pro:

  • JPEG file input
  • Scanner interface
  • Automatic splitting of multiple photo scans into individual digital files
  • 2 -part editable captions placed below original image
  • Adjustable proportion of input height used for caption bar
  • Speech input of caption/sub-caption text
  • Selectable caption font & color, caption bar background color
  • Display of input file size, orientation, date and location
  • Sorting of multiple input files by name, path or date metadata
  • Editing of file date metadata
  • Metadata viewing
  • Display of either input files or captioned files in file list
  • Rotation of input files by 90 degrees
  • Streamlined manual captioning of multiple files
  • Batch processing of multiple files
  • Full screen slideshow

Download Manual

Release Notes

Download Latest Mac Version (3.1.4)

After downloading the file Caption Pro for Mac X.X.X.dmg, where X.X.X is the version string), double-click on it. It will start and then copy itself to the Applications folder. For more detailed instructions on installation and upgrading click here.