Caption Pro Licenses

Application license keys allow you to use the downloaded version indefinitely. A license key can be used on 2 CPUs. Where there are multiple accounts on the same machine and Caption Pro has been installed for All Users, each account must enter the license key, but only one of the 2 CPUs supported by the license will be used.

The license allows major version upgrades for 1 year. (The major version number is the first two parts of the version string eg 3.1 for a version string 3.1.108). Minor version upgrades can be applied indefinitely.

If you download multiple licenses, leave at least 10 minutes between downloads to ensure that you download a unique license key.

Top-up licenses (Windows only) add to the number of Premium face recognition transactions that can be performed. If multiple top-up licenses of the same value are required, there should be more than 10 minutes between downloads, or licenses after the first will not be recognized.

After payment, you can download your license key. An email containing a link to the license key will be sent to your Paypal email address. Check your spam folder as the email may be routed there. Please contact if you do not receive your license key.

The Mac version of Caption Pro is licensed from within the application.

Windows Licenses